March 1, 2013

Dancing Men of All Seasons

March is here, but I still have one extra drawing that I had done for February hearts month. I call this drawing Dancing Men of Hearts, Clubs and Spades. It is, in fact, three views of the same man in the same costume but I decided to alter the features slightly with each view. So now Rusty, the model, has two alter egos. It reminds me of a conversation we had about having to juggle so many interests along with work. A doctor who is also a photographer and dancer, Rusty felt that there was never enough time to satisfy all these passions.

I, too, worked in many different areas of writing, creating visual art, and teaching. But I had managed these different interests by allocating time to them on a rotational basis the way I learned while I was a graduate student in China. So each interest was given a season - mosaics in winter, painting in the fall, ceramics in the spring, works on paper in the summer. I passed this system on to Rusty. I hope that it worked for him as well as it worked for me.   Oh! To have time and multiple talents!

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