January 7, 2013

The Other Wim Roefs

In the 1990's and late 2008 or so, I was worked on my series of Monologue paintings, which became the illustrated unpublished poetry manuscript, save excerpts, Moments in Light and Shadows. Most of these were either painted from life or from sketches that I made from life. I generally sketched a model two or three times, then selected the view I wanted for the collection. So only about one of three ideas made it into the final painting. But now that I am refurbishing the drawings of the past, I see that the poses not chosen still offer nice compositions. The drawing depicted here is a recently refinished one drawn of Wim Roefs at home. Pre-gallery owner. Pre-wild hair. Since the drawing was originally a sketch, I have no idea what was on the paintings on the walls or know the details of the vases. But this is a good thing, for it gave me the liberty of designing my own abstract forms and writing Chinese calligraphy on the vases. So now Wim has an art collection that exists on paper only.

But wait! Blogger is no longer allowing me to upload images from my computer! Will find out what’s up with that.

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