February 16, 2011

Buddy the Snake Finds a New Home

“...educators for economic growth will do more than ignore the arts. They will fear them. For a cultivated and developed sympathy is a particularly dangerous enemy of obtuseness, and moral obtuseness is necessary to carry out programs of economic development that ignore inequality.”
- Martha Nussbaum Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities

Buddy the Bias Constrictor has found a new home. My colleague and I decided to donate him to the South Carolina State Arts Commission in Columbia. He is definitely happy resting underneath the large painting of swamp scene by Mike Williams. With amazing synchronicity, the colors matched perfectly - as if Buddy had been made for this painting. The bright greens and yellows echoed the colors of the flora and fauna of the painting. Even the ultramarine blue letters of the snake’s body were repeated in the blue lines of Mike William’s painting. I had seen this painting often so it is possible that I had subconsciously recalled the color palette. But for now I will consider it one of life’s happy coincidences.

Buddy may appear again in more capable hands. And there may be some more Freedom Snakes in the works.

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