March 25, 2009

Packing up the Road Show

As the exhibition of photographs and paintings of abandoned houses draws to a close, and I write final reports to grant agencies, I feel as though I am putting a bookmark in an incompletely read novel. I often have to do this in my creative work - come to stopping places with stories not completely told. Because the business of being an artist must go on, with other exhibitions to launch, commissions to start, and courses to teach, ending a line of work can seem somewhat abrupt at times. But continuing in the analogy of reading, the work is not really ended, only halted temporarily in order to meet other obligations. Would that I could devote a whole year on nothing but an art or writing project!
The exhibition in Blackville was enjoyable, and I have to thank Grace Jameson, Director of the Rivers, Rails, and Crossroads Discovery Center, for all her hard work in promoting and setting up this exhibition. I especially liked her power point presentation of the paintings that I had completed in the genre of bucolic scenes. There were over a hundred paintings displayed on a wide screen - which presented a comprehensive overview of my work on the subject of abandoned architecture. The work spanned over a decade of recording, sketching and painting these houses. I have included a few from years past.
This Saturday, I’ll be heading back down to Blackville to pack up the exhibition. Once again, it seems like a lot of work, and once again, it is forecast to be pouring down rain when I pick it up. Oddly enough, for the past two decades, it has rained every time I have to deliver or pick up art work. It has been so certain that I have come to believe that I could break a drought in any geographic location just by turning up there with art to deliver. It is uncanny.

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