May 30, 2008

Mosaic Mask Lecture

After a long time away, it is nice to get back to posting. With this post, I have completed my digital catalogue of my mosaic masks. The featured mask with this blog, “Looking Askance” was made with fused glass, semi-precious gems and stoneware. It had actually won a local Best of Show award before it was purchased through my gallery in Charleston. I wish I knew who now owns the piece - he was one of my favorites. Another one of my favorite mosaic masks is the one in pink, grey, black and white. The pink stone is rose quartz, which is so beautiful to me I am often tempted to defy my art materials diet to get some more. Perhaps I will by the end of the summer.
June 6 at 10:00 AM, I will be presenting a power point lecture at Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College on my collected mosaic mask works and the process involved in their creation. The lecture is funded in part by National Endowment for the Arts money via the South Carolina State Arts Commission. I hope that there will be a decent audience for all the hard work the director of the project, Tamara Miles, put into this.

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Connection Maven said...

Hi, Janet, This is Cheryl (Alice in Repose's owner). How are you? Just stumbled onto your blog. I'm doing PR as a freelancer and working on PR for a new restaurant in Orangeburg. Four Moons.

Do you have any Chinese ink scrolls available? I would like two large ones or a large (full sheet) of ink work.