January 27, 2008

New Work for 2008

For the last three years, I've fallen into a seasonal cycle of art making - works on paper for summer, oils for fall, etc. Winter has become my season to work on my figurative mosaics. The mosaic pictured here, "Woman Reclining with Gar Fish" was finished this month and is part of my ongoing Archeology Series which I will finish up this spring. The central figure is modeled out of white earthenware clay, stained and fired with a simple clear glaze. After I fixed the central figure onto the hardibacker board and applied ceramic bullnoses to the edges, I filled in the backround with mostly found objects. Some of these date from my walks with my friend, Gwen last summer. Gwen was especially good at spotting choice items along the road, like the rusted piece of metal that floats mysteriously under the figure. Other objects include pieces of driftwood and salvaged marble from dumpster diving outside tile stores. This is truly rummaged art.
Since it can be difficult to see that this is a work in high sculptural relief, I include a detail picture from an angle close to the figure.

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